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February 2011 Winner

February Theme “Love ME Tender” From Lexi ‘Grace and her Valentine, Havok…Grace agrees, who needs boys when you have a German Shepherd puppy? ‘

January 2011 Winner

January Theme, selected by is Diedre ” “- a long winter’s nap. per Diedre Samson is a champion napper and I think pictures of our dogs sleeping (or napping) would be fun! .” Winner is Jagenstadt Thanks to everyone who voted for “Baby...

December 2010 Photo Winner

December theme selected by AgilePaws “The year in review, the best of 2010. Let’s see your GSD’s highlight of the year.” Winner is Deirdre

October 2010 Contest Winner

“I Swear it wasn’t ME!!! – our GSDs getting into trouble” Kamahi says “This is Jaeger enjoying one of his many destructive hobbies. He loves to grab the nearest object (Anything of value will work, but he isn’t picky), jump up on...