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#32998 - 04/17/10 12:35 AM Cancer
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This will be the index for the cancer info that is collected from the board.

(You can click on the link, or scroll down the thread.)

General Cancer Overview Info

Diet and Supplements

Information about the Cancer Fighting Supplement IP6

Cancer Study (ALL BREED)
Dr Roe Froman of the Van ANdel Research Institute

Book Recommendations

Misc. Articles

Brain Tumors



Lymphosarcoma (lymphoma and infection)

Mast Cell Tumors

Nasal Cancer


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#32999 - 04/17/10 12:36 AM Re: Cancer/General and Overview [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Cancer in the Canine

DogAware Cancer Links

A Dog Cancer Blog written by a vet (his video channel, I don't know if these are useful, or fluff pieces)

Is Prevention Possible?

The Saga of Sander, The Sheltie
New site: , with a very good book available

Possible financial help with treatment (for working or service dogs) (They do not however, provide assistance for hemangiosarcoma, and a few other cancer circumstances.)

To Chemo or Not To Chemo

Preventing Surgery-Induced Cancer Metastasis

Testing, Cancer Markers (general cancer marker) (lymphoma)

VDI VDX lymphoma/hemangiosarcoma marker: (paper)

threads discussing this test:

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#33002 - 04/17/10 12:41 AM Re: Cancer/Diet and Supplements [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Cancer diet, vitamins, herbs and supplements

Integrative Treatment of Cancer in Dogs
R.M. Clemmons, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery
Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences

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#33012 - 04/17/10 12:57 AM Re: Cancer/Diet and Supplements [Re: LifeAsMe]
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Nutrition and Cancer: Frontiers for Cure!
Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM

Antioxidants and Cancer

Cancer Diets

Dr. Johanna Budwig Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese

Tagamet for Cancer

Doxycycline for Cancer (for bone cancer) (lymphosarcoma) (inhibiting blood vessel formation) (hemangiosarcoma, inhibits cancer cell spread) (Effects of doxycycline on ..... breast carcinoma cells) (colon cancer) (colon cancer) (colon cancer) (pancreatic cancer) (brain cancer) (The Navy Protocol)
Various Supplements


Two good mushroom Products:
Power Mushrooms, made by Health Concerns
Mycoplex-7 by Gourmet Mushrooms Inc, not as well tolerated as the Power Mushrooms for sensitive individuals, but a more complete mushroom formula.
Mushrooms for hemangiosarcoma (Coriolus versicolor):

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#33013 - 04/17/10 12:57 AM Re: Cancer/Hemangiosarcoma [Re: MaxaLisa]
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General Hemangiosarcoma Info: (mushroom study for hemangio)

Hemangiosarcoma Yahoo List

Hemangiosarcoma of the nose:

Personal accounts:

An herb some have used for hemangiosarcoma (Yunnan Baiyao):

A mushroom product for Hemangio
(Coriolus versicolor):

another article (Yun Zhi mushroom, known as PSP):

Plastics and Hemangio
"The etiology of hemangiosarcomas is unknown, but reports in human cases suggest a correlation between hemangiosarcomas and exposure to carbon dioxide, arsenicals, or vinyl chloride."

PVC's in toys:
Inflatable pools and Phthlates:

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#33018 - 04/17/10 01:07 AM Re: Cancer/Mast Cell Tumors [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Mast Cell Cancer Overview

Mast cells in general as a target for cancer therapy

Tumor Profile for Mast Cell Tumors (Colorado State University)

Tagamet and Benadryl Protocol

Tagamet (cimetidine) for cancer

Quercetin as an alternative for benadryl, adding anti-cancer benefits (scroll down for the inhibition of cancer part)

Inhibitory effect of mast cell-mediated immediate-type allergic reactions in rats by spirulina

Curcumin and Mast Cells (important to use a bioavailable product)

Guidance for diet to control histamine in mast cell cancer

Excerpts from the Dog Cancer Blog

Forum MCT threads

Mast Cell Disorder Forum

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#45952 - 05/25/10 10:01 PM Re: Cancer/Cancer Study [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Dr Roe Froman of the Van ANdel Research Institute is conducting a cancer study. It is All Breed:

1) Osteosarcoma

2) Hemangiosarcoma

3) Lymphoma

4) Malignant histiocytosis

5) Melanoma (oral or digital)

They are looking for as many positive dogs as possible. The dogs with cancer will be tested via blood and tissue samples (Blood and tissue kits are free, as are shipping charges.) and those samples will be compared to the base to determine genetic effects on these diseases. They can also use the FA/CHIC DNA Data if you have a dog that has already died of one of these diseases, just need Vets verification andthe Dogs Reistered Name.

They are asking for submissions of *FRESH* tumor samples (not in formalin) and 3-5 mls of blood in an EDTA tube, along with a signed owner consent form. If the dog has already had the mass removed, and there is a histologically confirmed diagnosis of one of the above tumor types, they would be pleased to receive a blood sample. All submissions must include the signed consent form and histo report confirming the diagnosis. With advance notice, they can overnight a tumor collection kit to your practice.

The Van Andel is a world class human cancer research institute. They are very hopeful these studies will lead to earlier diagnostics, as well as improved and individualized therapies for both dogs and people.

Their Web site is This project is funded by NHI/National Cancer Institute.

If your dog is diagnosed with cancer frown , you can register your dog online:

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#59420 - 06/30/10 05:53 AM Re: Cancer/Osteosarcoma [Re: MaxaLisa]
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#59421 - 06/30/10 05:57 AM Re: Cancer/Lymphosarcoma/Intestinal Cancers [Re: MaxaLisa]
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Intestinal Cancers/Colon Cancer/GI Lymphoma, etc.

Lymphosarcoma/Lymphoma (doxy in a MALT lymphoma) (IP6) (misc supplements)


The supplement program give there, Haley was a 60 lb Dolberman:

"Following supplements were given each day with each specific meal (Hailey ate four to five times a day):

Batch #1:
(2) IP-6 Celle Forte(220mg.), (1) Swiss Formula Anti-Oxidant capsule (contains 10,000IU Beta-Carotene / 500mg Vit. C / 25mcg. Selenium), (3) Reishi Mushroom capsules(1000mg each), (3) Maitake Mushroom caps(800mg each), (3) Shiitake Mushroom caps(800mg each), (2) Ester Vitamin C(600mg each), (3) Prednisone, every other day(5mg each)

Batch #2:
(2) IP-6, (1) Co-Enzyme Co-Q10(30mg), 1 ounce Flor-Essence diluted with 2 ounces water (or Essiac Tea is acceptable), (1) Green Tea capsule(50mg), (2) Salmon Oil**(1000mg each), 2 teaspoons Greens+ powder

Batch #3:
(2) IP-6, (1) high quality human grade IRON FREE Multi Vitamin, (2) Shark Cartilige, (2) Ester Vitamin C, (3) Reishi Mushroom caps, (2) Cat's Claw(670mg each), (2) Grape Seed extract capsules, (2) Moducare Sterinol tablets, (1) Salmon Oil cap**

Batch #4:
(3) Maitake Mushroom caps, (3) Shiitake Mushroom caps, 2 teaspoons Wheatgrass powder, 2 tablespoons Flax Seed Oil**

Batch #5:
(2) IP-6, (1) Selenium(100mcg), (1) Co-Enzyme Q-10, (1) Ester Vitamin C, 1 ounce Flor-Essence(diluted with 2 ounces water)

Liver Supplements & Medications:

*A mistake of administering Lomustine/CCNU & Methotrexate (chemotherapy drugs) within too short a time frame led to severe liver damage for Hailey in April of 2001. Thankfully, a combination of supplements and medications has pulled her through what should have been a potentially terminal condition. Had I researched the hepatic toxicity of certain chemo drugs more thoroughly, I would have started Hailey on her liver supplements when we started her first chemotherapy protocol. *It is important to note that Hailey no longer receives Vitamin C or Garlic (liver related issues)

Liver Supplements (given twice daily):
Turmeric - 1000mg
Artichoke Leaves Extract - 1800mg
Dandelion Extract - 1500mg
SAMe - 200 mg (started in 2003)
Milk Thistle - 3000mg (<--- very important liver supplement, with SAMe being a close second)

Liver Medications:
Ursodiol (Actigal) 250mg (once a day)
Penicillamine 250mg / 2 times a day (500mg total per day)

Anti-angiogenic medication:
Doxycycline 50mg / 3 times a day (150mg total per day): Doxy helps to prevent cancer spread and blood vessel growth around tumors and seems to be effective with osteosarcoma cases. Doxy appears to be beneficial for lymphoma cancers as well (with Hailey being the evidence of this)

We try to give some of the above supplements between meals, especially IP-6. The more "spread out" the supplements are throughout the day and evening, the better.
**Stop excessive fatty acid/fish oil supplementation 2-3 days prior to any chemo, until 2 days after."

This does not seem right, being an omega-6, but....
Hollywood Brand Safflower Oil

The ingredient that is said to be beneficial here is linoleic acid. There are two major brands of safflower oil on the market: Hain and Hollywood. Apparently Hollywood is the brand with the most linoleic acid and is the brand of choice in this somewhat controversial treatment. In one study using eight dogs with Mycosis fungoides (the skin T-cell form of lymphoma), six dogs achieved remission with no other therapy.

In 1999, at the annual American College of Veterinary Dermatology meeting, two case reports were presented: one dog out of remission for mycosis fungoides after chemotherapy, and the other having had no other therapy for mycosis fungoides. The first dog had a partial response to the safflower oil and the other achieved prolonged remission.

Minimal adverse effects come with the use of this oil (if too much oil is used there is a possibility of pancreatitis but, in general, obesity from the fat is the only problem). Safflower oil is inexpensive and readily available.

So what is the catch? Should all lymphoma patients be on this oil? Safflower oil is an omega 6 fatty acid. Omega 6 fatty acids have been shown in other studies to have properties that actually support cancer growth. At this point, safflower oil seems to be a reasonable option only for mycosis fungoides and not other forms of lymphoma.


Effect of fish oil, arginine, and doxorubicin chemotherapy on remission and survival time for dogs with lymphoma: a double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study.
Cancer 88[8]:1916-28 2000 Apr 15

Ogilvie GK, Fettman MJ, Mallinckrodt CH, Walton JA, Hansen RA, Davenport DJ, Gross KL, Richardson KL, Rogers Q, Hand MS
Cancer Lett 1992 May 30;64(1):17-22
Linoleate produces remission in canine mycosis fungoides.
Iwamoto KS, Bennett LR, Norman A, Villalobos AE, Hutson CA
Department of Radiological Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles 90024.

The Use of Safflower Oil for the Treatment of Mycosis Fungoides in Two Dogs.
Peterson, A., Wood, S., and Rosser, E. Dept of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, D208 Veterinary Medical Center, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

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#71672 - 08/04/10 05:12 PM Re: Cancer/Misc Articles [Re: MaxaLisa]
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