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#251404 - 09/08/12 02:00 PM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: MaxaLisa]
LifeAsMe Offline
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Just to update this for any people researching Mast Cells that may come across this thread.

Thursday, Banshee started limping so made a vet appointment for this morning. Last night, we found a large mass the size of my hand on her chest on the opposite side. Options discussed, Lyme's test done to rule out, xrays taken. Stunned at the size of the mass, I kept asking him how we could have missed that. Can they really grow that fast? The answer was Yes, they can. She was playing Wednesday morning at 6:30am without a care in the world.

The limp is coming from a disk in her back, impinging on the nerves much like a herniated disk would with us. It is completely unrelated to the mass. Funny how things work out. We saw the limp and made the appointment and then found the mass.

However the mass is large, firm and fast growing so he is confident this is a mast cell tumor. He's put her on prednisone to try to slow the growth and to help with the inflammation in her back. We discussed the balance of shutting down the histamines vs shutting down her immune system vs drugs to further damage her kidneys due to the CRF and he explained that is in the dosage and this is the best drug to address all the issues with the last amount of damage to the kidney...basically the lesser of all the evils. It's a 3 week regimen and we are to let him know the progress in 10 days. If it slows the growth, hopefully halts it at least temporarily, then we will do a maintenance dose the rest of her life. If she is still in pain for her back, we will have to do pain killers, probably tramadol. While this will be hard on her kidneys, at this point it's about quality of life.

I know, in my heart, this is the beginning of the end. It's truly the end of an era for us. Banshee has been there to watch my kids grow up, protect them when we were working and they were home by themselves, greet them at the door and love them. We are looking, best case scenario, a few months. Worst case, a few weeks. If the mass continues to grow it will impede her ability to walk on the other front leg. At this time, it is all about the mast cell and keeping her comfortable. He said they would come here when it's her time.

For anyone who may be going through something similar, Doc said that 13 was ancient for a Boxer and said the reason she has lived so long with quality was the changes we made in her diet, the additional supplement, and OTC drugs that gave us an additional 2 1/2 years with her that we never dreamed we would have.

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#251411 - 09/08/12 04:08 PM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: LifeAsMe]
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hugging I am so sorry, but I appreciate that you are using what you and Banshee have gone through to help educate others.

It is scary to think of the fast growth of the mass and shows us how important it is to regularly to feel all over our dogs for anything unusual.

So many people do not look into diet and supplements for their dogs and I think you have greatly to Banshee's long life and health.

I will be thinking of you and dear Banshee.

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#251419 - 09/08/12 05:35 PM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: PositiveDog]
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Aw, I am so sorry to hear about Banshee. I met a dog at the vet last week with multiple mast cell tumors. She was 13. She was on a homemade diet (for cancer) and also getting chemo. She was doing well when I saw her.

Enjoy the rest of your time with Banshee! hugging

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#251428 - 09/08/12 07:18 PM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: BowWowMeow]
middleofnowhere Offline

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Drat. Not the news we (especially you) had hoped for. May you get months more with her.

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#251434 - 09/08/12 08:02 PM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: middleofnowhere]
Woodreb Offline
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Cherish your time with Banshee, however long it may be.

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#251453 - 09/09/12 01:04 AM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: Woodreb]
MaxaLisa Offline

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I am really really sorry to hear this frown Thanks for updating us.

You have brought her so far, and put together such a great protocol for her, an amazing amount of bonus time. For a Boxer in particular, you know that the things you have done have made a huge difference.

I am guessing that you have her on some kind of liver support. I know that when I started the Liver Support Factors by Country Life, both dogs' creatinine values went down, so I know it's not harmful to the kidneys. Pred typically increases liver values.

I hope that she exceeds expectations, but whatever time is left, I think Johanna had the perfect word, cherish it hugging
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#251461 - 09/09/12 05:19 AM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: MaxaLisa]
bianca Offline
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#251470 - 09/09/12 07:17 AM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: bianca]
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I am so sorry to read this about Banshee - only your care has got her this far and to this amazing age for a Boxer, but of course twice as long would still not be long enough.

Best wishes! hugging
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#251579 - 09/09/12 09:19 PM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: Qyn]
LifeAsMe Offline
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I greatly appreciate the kind words. It was reassuring to hear the vet say we had made the right choices with the diet and supplements. I"m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I am going to discuss cortisone shots directly into the mass that I've read about with Doc when we call at 10 days. That has been shown to reduce some masses. Her limp is almost gone so the prednisone helped that at least. As long as her quality of life is good and she's happy we'll continue to look for ways to help her.

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#251601 - 09/10/12 04:02 AM Re: Mast Cell Tumors [Re: LifeAsMe]
bianca Offline
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I am so pleased the prednisone is helping with her limp - that must make her feel so much better hugging Keeping you both in my thoughts hugging
Molly Moo (aka The Piranha, 4 legged mouth) GSD (31/10/09)
Cooper GSD (The Gremlin) 19/10/11
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