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#249972 - 08/28/12 11:39 PM Allergy Results are in....
MaxaLisa Offline

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Jazz stopped itching almost entirely when I took out the peas, corn, potatoes, and soy (soy lecithin) from her diet and recipes. I guess the following explains why - allergies to peas and potatoes, and "close to" on the soy and less so on the corn. This test picks up allergies, but not sensitivites (for example, Dodds' nutriscan I believe does the opposite).

NOT happy with all the grass, weed and tree allergies. Vet said this will likely get worse as she ages. If so, she will be a candidate for allergy shots, but I will see what I can do to avoid all of that.

I guess the best news is she isn't allergic to dust mites....

I also had the "muscle testing" allergy test run (ordered this before she had her itch fest and had the above done). This is an "energetic" test, and the word allergy is used loosely - it picks up dogs that her body reacts to on some level. Interesting that this one picks up the chicken and the turkey, which she does not tolerate. Her ears also go nuts on the sweet potato.

I am feeding beef, a small amount of oats, flax, and some veggies. I will have to challenge feed some of the foods, like the salmon. By challenge, I already know that chicken, turkey, potatoes (white and sweet) are out, as well as peas and corn.

I have been using peanut butter treats (peanut allergy), and Nature's Variety Instinct Limited Diet for treats (canola oil frown ).

I hope that I can keep her allergy threshold down, but at least I guess I know what I am dealing with early on.
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#249987 - 08/29/12 02:55 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: MaxaLisa]
bianca Offline
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As soon as I saw the title I thought dear god, please let her not be allergic to peanuts or cotton hugging

Poor little girl, this is not good news frown
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#249995 - 08/29/12 06:53 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: bianca]
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Wow, interesting, Lisa. I hope you can find a good balance for Jazzy.

Interesting about the p-butter. Buddy has had low level itching for a couple of weeks and I put his pills in p-butter. I remember thinking, I wonder if a lot of dogs, like kids, are allergic to this?

The grasses will be a challenge.

Good info on the apple cider vineger showing amounts for the dogs by weight.

I am glad that most of Jazz's positives are not so high, but so many off them is not good.

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#249997 - 08/29/12 07:00 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: bianca]
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How accurate are these tests? This one looks like it was very comprehensive! I'm impressed.

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#250002 - 08/29/12 07:14 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: MaxaLisa]
Braverhund Online   partay
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I am so glad that you had this testing done! Now you have a good idea of what you can better select for food and treats. By the way, dehydrated turkey hearts make great treats! PB has sugar of course and the NV medallions do too (in the form of a relatively high amount of sugary veggies like carrots etc), so these may be what's contributing to yeast overgrowth. Really easy to fix, as the NV can be fed every once in a while instead of as often as she's getting it now... and even yeast-prone Grimm tolerates NV well if it's not-an-everyday-thing.

Information is empowerment for you in helping Jazzy as much as you can. Please don't feel overwhelmed hugging as getting these results gives you a good starting point in her young life to find stuff that works great for both of you re feeding and treats.

For environmental allergies, there are always homeopathic remedies out there to try, acupuncture too. If we could have run the same panel on our relatively healthy childhood dogs, they'd all come up with environmental allergies, too. shrug They're that common. Plus, the allergic response is along a continuum, with some allergic dogs reacting much less strongly than others. May Jazzy be a mild child! crossedfingers

Good for you for getting these tests run. I have no doubt you and Jazzy will have a good, positive, healthy future together, with a bit of tweaking. paw
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#250012 - 08/29/12 08:48 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: Braverhund]
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Glad you have narrowed it down some. I cannot see the attachment must be on photobucket which is blocked again for me at work.

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#250025 - 08/29/12 09:18 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: Kayos]
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MaxaLisa— Jazz is VERY lucky to have a mom with a knowledge base such as yours and chutzpah to get her the proactive testing BEFORE there is a problem. IF only all vets would be so accommodating. We are sincerely happy for you both. (hugs and thumbs-up)

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#250031 - 08/29/12 09:40 AM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: MSD]
Natalie559 Offline

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Hopefully this will steer you in a more clear direction. I remember johnson grass being linked to sorghum so I would avoid that too.

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#250046 - 08/29/12 01:09 PM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: Natalie559]
MaxaLisa Offline

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Bianca, you remembered wub

Leah, accuracy. The Spectrum test I count on as accurate, it measures particular types of antibodies (long term allergic reaction). There are other types of allergic reactions, so it might miss a few things. The food is less definite though, since there can be intolerance that do not how up as allergies. Also, some individuals may tolerate a food if it's prepared a certain way - for example, many with green bean allergies can tolerate them when cooked. Some meat, some dogs have tolerated raw over cooked, or organic over other, but it gives a starting point and was invaluable to me with indy and Max. So, the food tuff has some iffy-ness, but provide a starting point. The other stuff can be counted on.

The Glacier Peaks test was done with a cheek swab and someone teting an energetic reaction against the ubstances. I have never used it before, but many of those things are completely consistent with my observations via oral challenge.

Natalie, good to know about the sorghum. So, worth mentioning to those thinking about this, there are plan/food reactions. Can't remember, but it might be the ragweed allergie that makes themallergic to many fruits.

Yes, I am very glad that these are all at low levels, which gives me a chance to get a handle on them.

I really appreciate my vet that was willing to help run this test on such a young dog.

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#250065 - 08/29/12 03:40 PM Re: Allergy Results are in.... [Re: MaxaLisa]
Good_Karma Offline
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Okay thanks for explaining the test! I was under the impression that testing for food allergies was kind of an impossible task, but I can't recall who told me that or the reasons why.

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