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Re: Free Bacon Flavored Tr...
(Wisc.Tiger_Val) - 07/29/14 05:32 PM
Members Corner
Member's First Stop
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Introductions and Welcome (1 viewing)
Help us get to know you better. Introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself and your dogs.
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Re: hello from washington!
(SeanRescueMom) - Yesterday at 08:48 PM
Suggestions and Comment Area
Share your suggestions and comments. Help make this a better board.
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Re: euipment for hiking
(MaxaLisa) - 08/10/14 04:57 PM
Weekly Discussion Topics
Join the weekly discussion!
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Re: Complete freedom
(DancingCavy) - 08/17/14 07:43 PM
Favorite Websites, Links, Books and Videos
Share with everyone your favorite dog related websites, internet links, books & videos.
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Re: Vote For Ocean & S...
(arycrest) - Yesterday at 05:03 PM
Share your GSD stories with everyone.
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Re: Babs' Tale: The Kitty ...
(Prasanta Bera) - 07/23/14 09:50 AM
Special Interests
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Current Dog Affairs
Dogs in the News, Breed Bans, Breed Restrictions, Legislation, etc...
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Re: The Lepto Vaccine on t...
(MaxaLisa) - 08/20/14 10:22 PM
Events and Club Info
Know of an upcoming dog event? Let the rest of us know. Post it here.
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Video Sale (tawzerdog)
(MaxaLisa) - 05/06/14 03:51 PM
Showin' Off
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Pictures & Pictures & Video - Dog & Skin Family
Weíd love to see pictures of you and your dog. Please share them with us.
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Private Thread
Other Pictures & Video of Interest
Post interesting pictures and video that are NOT of your dog or family.
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Private Thread
Active Photo Contests
Have a little fun with those pictures. Enter them in our monthly contest! Active Monthly and Special Photo Contests are here.
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Private Thread
Brags (1 viewing)
Want to brag about your dog? Go ahead!
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Re: Etta ~ we are on our w...
(BasiaBear) - Yesterday at 07:55 PM
Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday/Adoption Day
Wish them Happy Birthday or Gotcha Day. Let's celebrate together!
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Re: Babs and Jenna
(MaxaLisa) - 08/13/14 02:55 AM
Share Your Canine Art
Show off your dog paintings, drawings , digital or other canine art.
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Re: Myrika Watercolor
(Robin_Myrika) - 08/20/14 01:48 PM
Starting to Look for a GSD
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Is a GSD right for me? (1 viewing)
General questions and info on the breed. The place to post questions about whether the GSD is a good fit for you.
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Re: What breed would you r...
(Harley120R) - 03/31/14 12:14 AM
Finding and Choosing a GSD
Need help deciding between Shelter, Rescue or Breeder? Puppy, adult or adolescent? Male or female? Type and bloodlines? Ask here!
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Re: Reputable GSD breeder ...
(LifeAsMe) - 08/23/14 01:08 PM
All Things Puppy
Up to 1 year old
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Puppy Training and Behavior
The basic puppy training & behavior. Wondering how to housebreak? How to socialize? If itís normal for your puppy to do something? Ask here.
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Re: how to prevent snappin...
(Codmaster) - 08/14/14 02:12 AM
Feeding Your Puppy
What do you feed a GSD puppy?
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Re: Puppy food recommendat...
(Barb E) - 07/30/14 11:06 AM
Puppy Development
Ask your questions about those goofy GSD ears, how much should my puppy weigh and anything else relating to their development here.
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Re: wobbly legs
(mikey) - 07/01/14 08:58 AM
General Puppy (1 viewing)
Puppy things that donít fit in any other section
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Re: What do I need for my ...
(Wisc.Tiger_Val) - 08/08/14 06:43 PM
Around The House
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General Behavior
Anything related to your GSDís behavior
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Re: Severe storm phobia
(middleofnowhere) - 08/29/14 11:22 AM
GSD's Living with Other Critters
Having issues with your critters getting along? Need some help?
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Advice needed please, Coop...
(bianca) - 04/22/14 03:47 AM
General Info & Misc. Dog Topics
Canít figure out where to post your question? If your question doesnít fit elsewhere, post it here.
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Re: public water dishes
(MaxaLisa) - 08/31/14 02:46 PM
Training & Behavior
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General Training
What should I teach my GSD and how do I do it? Should I take classes, or do it myself?
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Re: Dog training on Youtub...
(kaylee) - 08/21/14 12:54 AM
Training Theories, Methods & Tools
Discussion of different training theories and methods, and what training equipment to use and how to use it.
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Re: NILF Abusive??
(Codmaster) - 07/29/14 01:50 AM
Training & Behavior Problem Solving
Having behavioral problems or training issues with your GSD? Get help here!
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Re: reworking a problem
(MaxaLisa) - 06/25/14 02:00 PM
Training Resources
How to find a good trainer. Recommendations of books, videos, websites and other resources for training info.
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Re: Leadership and Behavi...
(Codmaster) - 07/10/14 01:33 AM
As They Age
Your resource for all things Senior; health, behavioral or just a sounding board.
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Senior Dog Health Issues (2 viewing)
Health Topics relating to our older dogs.
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Re: Worried that Heidi may...
(MaxaLisa) - Yesterday at 08:14 PM
Senior Dog General
Behavioral questions, where to find best equipment for my senior, I need a shoulder to lean on.
71 1695
Re: Struggling with Vacay ...
(arycrest) - 07/31/14 12:40 PM
SENIOR Showcase
Share your pictures of your precious Seniors here. We love the Seniors
51 864
Re: Piper Photoshoot
(SeanRescueMom) - 06/11/14 07:03 PM
How to Say Good Bye & TRIBUTES to those lost
This is a good but hard section of the board to read and post in. BUT we feel that it important to have resources and support when you need it most.
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Remembering our Beloved Dogs
Post a tribute to your GSD who has gone to the bridge.
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Re: Almost a year already
(PositiveDog) - 08/31/14 07:35 PM
Preparing to Say Good Bye
Itís tough; maybe we can help each other.
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Re: funeral services for p...
(MaxaLisa) - 07/22/14 06:57 PM
Rescue Listings
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Purebred GSDs in danger of being PTS and in need of immediate assistance.
320 2735
(Shilohsmom) - 07/07/14 07:26 PM
GSDs looking for a new forever home.
169 1145
Re: Chicago 2 Seniors - Ow...
(Shilohsmom) - 08/30/14 06:18 PM
Follow up & Adopted or Reclaimed 122 1192
Re: NORWALK, OH: "No ...
(Tarheel) - 12/01/13 05:58 PM
Follow up & Going to Rescue (1 viewing) 84 1234
(Shilohsmom) - 07/07/14 07:26 PM
Follow Up & PTS or Unknown 36 440
(kaisersmom) - 01/20/13 09:24 PM
Rescue General Information
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Follow me on my New Journey (2 viewing)
I am a lucky dog that has been Rescued. Follow my New Journey to find my forever family and home.
47 4374
Re: Cara- One year on
(SeanRescueMom) - 06/11/14 06:59 PM
General Rescue Discussion
Questions and discussions about rescuing, fostering & adoptions.
135 1409
Re: Fundraising Ideas?
(JeanKBBMMMAAN) - 02/08/14 11:17 AM
Transportation , Home Visits and Evaluations
Organize to transport a dog to a rescue group or his new forever home. Post your request for Home Visit or Evaluation, suggest to check the references of those who are volunteering their services.
54 293
Amherst, OH - Youngstown, ...
(kaisersmom) - 07/09/14 11:52 AM
Transportation Volunteers
Want to add your name to a list or looking for help on a Transport then this is the area you want.
14 47
Private Thread
Lost & Found
Post lost or found GSDs in this section.
57 455
Re: MISSING: Lincolnton, N...
(Tarheel) - 03/08/14 03:46 PM
Find a Rescue Organization
Wondering where there is a rescue group to adopt from? Ask here.
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Re: Lists of GSD rescue or...
(shepnterrier) - 01/29/14 06:58 PM
Itís All in the Food
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Diet and Nutrition (1 viewing)
Topics relating to your dog's diet & nutrition.
185 2067
Re: Recipes for Meals and ...
(Tarheel) - 08/26/14 12:42 PM
Commercial Dog Food
Discussions on commercial dog food. Helping you find the best.
210 2082
Re: Finally switching from...
(MaxaLisa) - 08/31/14 08:50 PM
B.A.R.F. / Raw Feeding
The ins and outs of B.A.R.F./Raw feeding. What is it and how to implement this diet.
271 3481
Re: IBD dog - links for lo...
(FurKids) - 08/20/14 10:52 PM
Home Cooked Diets, etc
Here you will find Resources for Home Cooked Diets and treats.
51 704
Re: Digestive Enzymes
(MaxaLisa) - 08/24/14 07:19 PM
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Index of Issues and Information
Subforums: Health Archives
75 1415
Re: Food Allergy/Intoleran...
(MaxaLisa) - 06/10/14 12:44 AM
Basic Care & Discussions
Grooming, nail cutting, ear cleaning, etc...
322 4321
Re: Need a new antler
(MaxaLisa) - 08/31/14 02:44 PM
Health Issues (7 viewing) 1252 33694
Re: Jazzy Jazz Jazmine, I...
(MaxaLisa) - Yesterday at 08:28 PM
Holistic / Homeopathic
Natural Health Care.
79 1209
Re: Holistic Health Sticki...
(MaxaLisa) - Yesterday at 05:40 PM
Breeding Section
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
General Breeding Discussion
Q&A on breeding GSDs.
75 1277
Breeding Chief
(frillint) - Yesterday at 10:25 PM
Bloodlines and Pedigrees
Discussion of GSD bloodlines & pedigrees.
62 1066
Re: Input on pedigree, ple...
(Kayos) - 08/08/14 06:43 PM
Genetics Discussions
Discussions, questions & comments relating to canine genetics.
36 414
Re: Online Genetics Course...
(MaxaLisa) - 07/24/14 07:10 PM
Critique MY German Shepherd
This is for your dog only. DO NOT post dogs that you do not own or have permission of the owner to post.
126 1485
Re: Athos von den Sturmfal...
(Indra) - 08/08/14 07:48 PM
Litter Announcements, Updates & Pictures
Share your excitement with us.
113 3271
Re: Guess who is expecting...
(Indra) - 05/18/14 09:41 AM
Sports & Working
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Schutzhund/IPO & Other Protection Sports 260 3496
Re: WDA vs UScA (and a vie...
(Vinnie) - 07/15/14 10:28 AM
Obedience & Rally 96 1520
Re: Rally Scoring too Easy...
(Codmaster) - 10/23/13 06:54 PM
Herding 41 424
Re: May Herding Today
(Kayos) - 04/15/14 08:45 AM
Tracking & Other Scentwork Sports 109 1165
Re: Nosework? Sniffing out...
(Brooklyn) - 06/17/14 06:53 AM
Agility 76 669
Re: Agility - just keep co...
(LMS) - 10/03/13 12:59 PM
Showing (Conformation) 46 397
Re: Westminster Show ... 2...
(aubie) - 02/12/13 09:55 AM
Misc. Dog Sports
This area includes dock diving, flyball, triebball, lure coursing, skijouring, hiking, any other miscellaneous dog sport not listed elsewhere on the forums.
51 584
Re: physical conditioning
(mikey) - 08/25/14 04:51 PM
All Working Dogs
SAR, Guide, Service, Therapy, Military, Police K-9s and all other working dogs not listed elsewhere on these forums.
61 541
Re: Arson Dogs
(MaxaLisa) - 08/04/14 10:46 AM
The Coffee Shop
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General Chat
Dad always said not to discuss politics or religion, so NO political, religious or controversial topics please. Please post your dog posts in the appropriate dog forum.
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Private Thread
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